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GOR was born in 2018 in Florence inspired by the concept of metamorphosis, of the constant mutation of inner and outer world. Since metamorphoses always follow an intelligent design, and the elements of nature shuffle and dance to the cosmic rhythm, so does GOR embrace its own ever evolving style. GOR is a brand that does not want to follow trends, rather it is a creative process that revolves around pure inspiration, creating garments that can bring out the work of art that each of us already is.

Raw edges, exposed selvages, geometric cuts, hand-dyeing, an androgynous approach to shapes, all combined in a contemporary look is what identifies GOR.

GOR prefers to work with natural fabrics, from the local supply chain, just as local is the production of the garments themselves. All to ensure the authentic Made in Tuscany.

Sustainability is an important part of the brand GOR. Not only when referring to the production process but also in the choice of fabrics. SAVE THE FABRIC is a project that is very close to the heart of the brand. It is the use of high-quality fabrics that feature some minor defects, whether in printing or weaving. These are products that likely no one will buy and that would be eventually destroyed. GOR instead seeks to give them new life, they are just as they should have been, wrong and beautiful. Not to mention the enormous amount of energy, water and dye that their processing required, which would have been sadly wasted.

Who is GOR?


"Freedom of expression has never been necessary as it is now, because right now is the time to accept every facet of ourselves and to praise diversity." 



Goran. ‘85. Republic of Serbia. Me.

Since childhood enraptured by the wonder of nature and the harmony of creation. Later an eccentric teenager, sole inhabitant of my imaginative inner world. A far-sighted school teacher and the handicraft gene steer me on the path of artistic expression. I find the means to shape my new reality, starting with my first brushstrokes in art high school, moving through the first fashion sketches in college, then coming to the realization that the world was much bigger than that and a new perspective was to be sought.

I arrive in Italy, Florence precisely, the cradle of art and fashion. I am faced with an odd situation: in a foreign land yet with the feeling of complete creative and spiritual belonging. I become the version of myself I had long desired, free, bolder and more solid in the foundations of fashion. I take part in various fashion contests, winning major awards. I realize that I am on the right path and feel that my message is resonating.

Though the journey was never straight, a firm persuasion grows within me: to set up my own business and maintain freedom over my creative endeavours.

GOR was born.

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